Faithfull Calligraphy
God's Grace and Peace to You...
Killarney Park1, Ontario, Canada
He Dawns:  "He dawns on them like the morning light, like
the sun shining forth upon a cloudless morning..."
2 Samuel 23:14 (Amp)
Morning Manna: "I rise before dawn and cry for help; I
have put my hope in Your Word." Ps 119:147 NIV; Other
text: Morning manna in the mist
STARRY SKY: We all agreed that the highlight
of the backpacking trip was when we sang
praise songs in the dark, lying on the rocks
under the stars. As God’s “dimmer switch”
caused more and more stars to appear, we
were blessed even further by seeing shooting
stars! I knew I wanted to record that moment
in a painting, shooting star and all, even as we
were experiencing it. As I looked through my
“scripture sightings” (collection of scriptures I
have gathered or been given as requests to
do), these two were just perfect for this, our
best “Killarney Moment”. How like God not only
to allow the moment to be captured in
painting, but also in scripture!
MORNING MANNA: This is what we woke up to our
first stop in Britt, Ontario on our way to a
backpacking trip. We were 4 Bible study buddies
and a dog on a grand adventure! Each of us saw
this retreat as a way to draw close to God in
particularly troubling times both individually and as a
group in leadership at our church. One of the
themes of the study we were doing spoke of the
morning manna in the wilderness – and the spiritual
sustenance God provides for us in His Word: new
each day, just enough for that day’s need, always
ready and waiting…but you must look for it and
“get out of the tent” to gather it. Here you see
one of us on the pier walking the dog - seeking,
finding and drawing sustenance from the morning
manna in the mist. Would that we would start each
day gathering the manna God always sets out for
HE DAWNS: We backpacked to the only campsite
on AY Jackson Lake in Killarney Park, Ontario,
Canada. Everywhere we looked, it appeared
untouched by man, just as God created it. The
sunrise morning mist greeted us, across a mirror
image lake…an awesome dawning of both the
morning light and His tangible presence with us. We
shared the lake with two resident beavers
completely unphased by our intrusion, building a dam
over a stream head. During breaks, they swam with
just the tops of their heads protruding above the
water line and a small wake following. As we sang
praise songs over the lake in the dark of night, they
would swim close as if drawn by the praises! I
painted one of them in the foreground to remember
how we shared God’s creation with them, each
doing what we were created to do: build dams and
worship God.
One Day: "Better is one day in Your courts than a
thousand elsewhere" Ps 84:10 NIV
ONE DAY: This was the site of one of our tents –
literally at the water’s edge of the lake. In the
stillness of the daylight the mirror image of the lake
was amazing. As we gazed out over this spectacular
scene, we literally breathed in His majesty,
surrounded by Him, living in His courts for this time.
Better Is One Day in His Courts became my favorite
praise song that we sang over the lake, while hiking
and backpacking, and while driving back home.
Whenever I hear or sing this song, I remember
what it was like to actually be in His courts –
enveloped by His peace, calm and replenishment.
Makes me sigh with contentment even now! This is
what He has for us no matter where we are, but
life can distract us from this. I wanted to paint a
reminder of what it was like, so I could call on that
memory no matter where I was, at any time.
Starry Sky: "Praise Him, sun and moon, praise
Him, all you shining stars!" Ps 148:3 NIV; "They
lifted up their voice to God with one accord."
Acts 4:24 NIV
ARISE, SHINE: “Arise, Shine, for thy light is come, and the
glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Is 60:1, KJV
ARISE, SHINE: Imagine waking up,
unzipping your tent, and being greeted
with this incredible sight.  That is exactly
what happened. It took my breath
away and the scripture that God
provided for this says it all. The photo I
used as a reference for this painting was
taken with a flash, lighting up the
foreground and adding to the contrast.
I tried to capture this is my painting as
FEAR, LAUGHS: One of the best ways for me to
cope with my fears is through humor. I actually
created these no bear signs to post at our
campsite! It did not make the fear go away, but it
helped prevent the fear from controlling me
completely. It was a way to proclaim and recognize
the fear out loud, and then make fun of it and
take its power away... no longer be dismayed into
paralysis by it. I would like to point out, however,
that I purposely used universal signage so that the
bears could understand and heed its declaration as
well. I posted them around our campsite and
although we saw evidence of bears on the trails,
none bothered us at the campsite. On our second
trip to Killarney, however, my “camp-mate” didn’t
give me time to post them before we left to rent
the canoe. THAT is why we came back to a bear
at our campsite! As a result, the effectiveness of
the signs are unquestioned and I have a patent
pending.  
FEAR, LAUGHS: "He laughs at fear and is not dismayed."
Job 39:22 NASB