Faithfull Calligraphy
God's Grace and Peace to You...
Killarney Park2, Ontario, Canada
Afraid Trust: What brings you fear? Not the
“healthy” kind of fear that causes you to be alert
and tuned into danger, but paralyzing fear that
causes you to freeze and lose focus on everything
but fear itself. Bears, among other things, can be
that for me! My fear of them almost “paralyzed”
me and prevented me from going to Killarney –
and all the blessings God had in store for me
there. This sign, stating a campground bear
sighting on the very day we arrived struck fear yet
again! But remembering God’s faithfulness in the
past, and trusting in His faithfulness to come,
allowed me to move passed this sign. Only God
can change paralyzing fear that eclipses faith and
action, into healthy fear. What paralyzing fears are
you facing? What are the “bears” in your life?
DRAW NEAR: For me, each trip to Killarney is a journey
that draws me nearer to God. Most of the pieces on
this page are of a canoe trip on Lake George. To be in
the wilderness, just as he created it, fills me with awe
and amazement. His Presence is so tangible there! But
it is not because He is more present there – it is
because my focus is not distracted. I go with the clear
objective of drawing nearer to God. This scripture and
painting is to remind me of the gift of drawing near to
God wherever I am. The clear focus that I have on
God in the wilderness can be just as intentional and
powerful in the midst of a busy day – it is just a
matter of concentration and seeking. For He is always
with us whether we choose to recognize Him or not.
WATCH OVER: One of my greatest fears of the
Killarney wilderness is bears. This trip, we were
not backpacking to an isolated, secluded area. We
were on the big lake with many other campsites,
and less chance of bears, or so I thought. But the
day we set up camp (just to the right of the
canoe in painting) we had a visitor. As the bear
began lumbering towards us, a little Jack Russel
Terrier dog darted after the bear, barking like
crazy - and treeing it (thankfully, away from us!).
God watched over us in the most unexpected
way and continued to keep us safe the entire
trip. He did not remove my fears, but He surely
delivered me from them. He watches over us
wherever we go, especially when facing our fears.
BE STILL, QUIET: Canoeing has the quality of
being whisper quiet as you glide along the
water. Many times we would stop paddling,
listen to the utter quiet and stillness, gaze at
His creation and soak in His peace. The fall
colors were spectacular and served to
increase our awe of His works. We quoted
this scripture often as we canoed, and at
almost every stop for devotions along the
way.  He indeed built us up and replenished
us through His creation and His Word that day!
IN NOT OF: The birch trees in Canada stand out
starkly against all of the greenery. As I saw
them, they really spoke to me of being called to
be in this world, but not of it. I describe this in
my catalog as “birch standouts”…because we
should be described as “human standouts”. In
this unfortunate day and age, many
denominations are moving towards mirroring the
world and blending in. We should never mirror
the world. We should mirror Christ! The greatest
commandment is to love the Lord our God first,
and our neighbor second. I purposely made this
a winter scene to make the “standouts” even
more profound. And, the images reflecting in
the ice water ask us to consider who or what
we reflect: Christ or the world?
Draw Near: "Let us draw near to God." Heb 10:22 NIV
Watch Over: “I am with you and will watch over you
wherever you go.” Gen28:15, NIV; “I sought the Lord
and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.”
Ps34:4, NIV
In not Of: “They are not of the world…I have sent them
into the world…” Jn17:16,18, RSV; “Do not be conformed
to the world…” Rom12:12, RSV; Added text: How well do
you stand out from the world?
Be Still, Quiet: "Be still and know that I am God." Ps 46:10
NIV; Added text: Let Him replenish you
in the whisper quiet of His creation.
Afraid Trust: "When I am afraid, I will trust in You."
Psalm 56:3 NIV