How Faithfull Calligraphy Began...
Faithfull Calligraphy
God's Grace and Peace to You...
Cord of Three: "Two are better than one....And a
cord of three braided strands is not easily broken..."
Ecc 4:9-12 RSV; Other text: We are strongest when
we bound together with Him and through Him...
into a beautiful cord of three braided strands.
As only God can, He influenced and orchestrated many
circumstances, events and people in order for Faithfull
Calligraphy to be established. The biggest "orchestration"
was within me - to convince me to walk in His plan...over
15 years! He began with my questionable drawing skill...

In the early stages of my drawing, God gave me different
devices to build my courage to draw and illustrate His
Word. One of my first pieces was the CORD OF THREE
(right). I saw the illustration of a braided cross in my mind’
s eye, but it was a stretch for me to draw it! It was finally
accomplished through taping three pieces of yarn to a
piece of paper, braiding the strands and then tracing
them. At that time I also used very simple line drawings of
ferns and flowers to add color to the calligraphy.

The next step in the progression was using dots to create
more elaborate vignettes, as in the LIGHTHOUSE (below).
Dots were much less threatening to me than “real”
drawing. It was easy to add or remove dots to shape and
shade, over many days. I did several pieces using this
pointillism or stippling – before actually attempting to draw
and paint using depth and shading.
Up to this point, I  used only 2D reference for
my illustrations.
Real artists can create from
visuals in their heads or from 3D reality. If God
put something on my heart to do, I had to
find a concrete, 2D reference on which to
base my drawing. My first attempt to draw
from reality was the TREE STUMP piece: see
"Hearing God" page (button bar, left) for the
story and design. After that, I used 3D objects
or settings for other pieces, such as in the one
below: WELCOME CHILD portrays a doll I used
to play with as a child. In fact, if you were to
visit my house, you would find many of the
objects in my pieces!
Lighthouse: "The light shines in the darkness and the
darkness has not overcome it." Jn 1:5 RSV; "God is light, in
Him there is no darkness at all" 1 Jn 1:5 RSV
As I moved forward in this process, I was
introduced to different medium as well. I started
with pen and ink, and watercolor paints for color.
Then I learned about acrylics and watercolor
pencils. Now, I use a combination of all of the
above techniques, references and medium to
create the pieces... from simple to elaborate.
Welcome Child: "And whoever welcomes a child
in My Name, welcomes Me." Mt 18:5 NIV
So this is what God has done with willing but
not very skilled hands.  He has surely directed
me step by step from tracing braided yarn to
complete paintings, as in HEAVENS PRAISE
Every painting came to be,
by His Grace alone.
Ginny Barnett
Heavens Praise: "The heavens praise Your wonders,
O Lord!" Psalms 89:5 NIV
Bezalel: "I have chosen Bezalel...and I have filled him with
the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge to make
everything I have commanded." Ex 31:2,3; added Text:
God provides all the KSAs (knowledge, skills & abilities) you
need to follow His plan for you!
During a study of the tabernacle, we learned of
Bezalel (left). For whatever reason, God chose him
and gave him all the knowledge, skills and abilities
as God described. That is exactly what God has
done for me! For whatever reason, He has
provided all that I need to create calligraphy and
paintings of His Word. Every bit of it truly comes
from God. I am blessed to be a mere vessel for
this work, because there is no way I could ever do
any of this on my own. It is only by His grace that
I can do anything at all! This piece was for me – to
remember how God has provided and how He can
use me when I am obedient!