I began creating pieces of faith in the early 1990s.
The first ones started with a particular Bible verse
to be put into design: one that addressed a
specific person's need or circumstance, a request
for a favorite scripture, or something that spoke in
particular to me. Once I had the text, the design
just seemed to flow. Now, the pieces can also
begin with strong visuals to paint, and the
scripture comes later.

God provides all that I need...the scripture or
text, the design and art, a loving, supportive
family and the time and place to put it to paper.  
He also provides every bit of the skill. Drawing is
fun, but a challenge for me. Gradually, God has
increased my confidence and shown me step by
step what He can do with willing, but not so
skillful hands.

I have no formal education in art or business. God
has supplied the skill, courage and boldness not
only to draw and paint, but also to own and run a
small business!

It is amazing how He supplies exactly what we
need to walk in His plan! Not only does He choose
the "ends", He also supplies the "means"!

The pieces have become a pictorial journal...my
monuments, or standing stones, that testify to
what He has done. Indeed, it is only by His grace
that any of this has come to be.

In the beginning, I gave away the majority of my
work as gifts. After all, their design was a gift to
me, and God's Word is His gift to us! It took me
over 15 years to have one of my many DUH
revelations: God's Word should be shared as
widely and in as many forms as possible. I began
to display some of my original work in a small art
gallery, and then in March 2005, Faithfull
Calligraphy was born with 50 prints of my original
works. I now have over 375!

God has opened my heart to see His Word, His
people and His creation with brand new eyes. He
then provides the knowledge, skills and ability to
put it to paper. The final product is His alone.
How they came to be is not as important as their
reading. It is my prayer that God will speak
mightily to all who take the time to read His Word.

May God's Grace and Peace be with you,

Ginny Barnett
About the Designs
Faithfull Calligraphy
God's Grace and Peace to You...
God's Will: "Yet not as I will; but as You will."
Mt 26:39 NIV; Other text: May our prayer be
the same.
Hope in the Lord: "But those who hope in the Lord will
renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles;
They will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not grow faint." Is 40:31 NIV
Receive King: "Let earth receive her King!!" hymn